New Obsession – Adele “Rolling in the Deep” video

So I’ve been obsessing about this song since I heard it a couple weeks ago. It falls right in line with this kind of grassroot sounding / chain gang call and response that I love so much that’s notable in Cold War Kid’s “Saint John” and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “Home.” This one brings a more gospel feel to it which is delightfully surprising coming out of England born Adele.

I finally looked at the video at the suggestion of my friend Carolina and just fell in love with the imagery it produced. The visual are monochromatic, gritty and absolutely stunning in this video. The minute the samurai started pirouetting, spraying waves of dust and the water in the field of glasses in an otherwise sparse room started vibrating to the baseline…holy crap. It was a video I had to watch several times to lap up it’s textured details. I even loved the giant folded paper on the wall as art. If I was an emo, artist, hermit living in a baren loft, it would all be just the strange installation pieces I would want to have in my home. Hats off to whom ever was in charge of art direction on this video.

My only qualm was that all the imagery presented was so impactful that by the time the climax of song “rolled” along, the paper city exploding into fireworks and flames didn’t really have the affect I was looking for. And unfortunately, Adele with the lovely voice was rather stale immobilized in a chair, albeit a beautiful mid century chair, but still awkwardly immobilized. STILL. Watch it and love it.

PS. If they had a video of just that samurai dancing around in the dust room, I’d love to see a solo act. AMAZING.

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