American Male Flavored Self Marketing

Lately I’ve come across a phenomenon of self marketing that I just LOVE. It makes me want to say, “You’re hired….and can I be your friend?!!” This new style employs something I, honestly to god, think only American men possess. First and foremost, you need to have to been incubated in a society that teaches you that you are special. That you are the best. That you have the right to advertise that for all to hear. And with the advent of corporate brainwashery like “the Secret” if you believe and say it enough you WILL be it. Tell me that doesn’t say American all over it?

Second, you have to have the word smithing prowess of a ninja to spit rubbish so cunningly amusing, you garner delight and guffaws rather than condemnation for such uproarious egotism. Maybe I’m not well traveled enough, but I’ve never encountered this kinda of self aggrandized humor, bordering on mockery, anywhere but here. And not with any gender but of the male persuasion.

Enter the latest two sites I’ve come across. Not only are both well designed (one is reminiscent of turn of the century strong men while the other reeks of 70s musk) you will want to read through every page of the site to unearth little gems like “Print you can’t stop fondling” or “I hope you enjoy my work. I love you.” I love american boyish humor. Enjoy.

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  1. Great insights, and I agree!!!

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